Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Florida film scene CAN be the beginning of a great thing...There is so much potential out here, great crews, writers, Directors, Actors...Everything you need to make great films.

But one of the many things that has kept the whole thing down is the amount of people who just cannot say anything positive. People that produce nothing, do nothing and who love to talk crap, just baseless, meaningless crap.

In LA, this is a hobby, a tradition, but the industry is so all gets diluted. Here, when this happens.... it is lethal.

Just recently we've had various films being produced here. It doesn't mater to me if they are good or bad, HEY!! films are getting made!!!!

"This Man's Life", "The Tenant", "The Sacred", "Zombies, Zombies, Zombies", "Into The Forest" and many more are FILMS that could be the spark.... THE START OF SOMETHING GREAT!!

So please, if you are part of this filmmaking community, and if you really need to say something negative... without any basis or facts, just because you are bitter or just depressed, or simply in disagreement...DON'T. Please Don't, you are not helping at all.

During the shoot of THE TENANT, a wonderful film shot last year, they were people saying on forums around town that the film was actually a trailer! and that the producers were not to be trusted (?). All lies, as the film was one of the best produced films I have ever worked in.

During THE SACRED, they were people that said to our student crew that they should not work without pay, that the producers were using them...Really?, I had to work 1 year for FREE for Roger Corman before I could start getting paid...and the crew, as far as I know, had a blast. We loved it!

I could keep on going, but for what?
What we need is for everyone to work together and support each other down here.!!!!

So for the people that support and that truly love cinema, you guys are AMAZING...for the ones who have nothing good to say...well I'll say it in Spanish, "Besenme el culo".

Thank you.


wessalley said...

We did have a great time!

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